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Welcome to Vital Service

At Vital, we come to work each day to solve the biggest problem businesses encounter with information technology - Everyone is guessing. Businesses don't know what the solutions they need, how to implement them, the pitfalls behind them.

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Mission Statement

To help others make the best possible use of the information they hold


David Jamieson was active in the charitable sector as a consultant while still working for the NHS as a Senior Information Analyst and later a Performance Manager. He supported a number of North-East based charities in the development of their information architectures. These included NERAF (Sunderland), WHiST (South Tyneside), Escape Family Support (Northumberland) and Washington Mind.

The rapid growth in the use of dedicated IT in the workplace had left many small Third Sector organisations lagging behind their colleagues in the private sector. David was quick to recognise that gap and Vital Service was created, in part, to fill that void and provide a first-class solution for the charitable sector.

Today, although the Third Sector is still at the heart of the Vital Service client base, the organisation has grown to include the private sector which now provides more than 60 per cent of the company's customer base.


We exist to do whatever it takes to meet the expectations of clients. We believe we must work in partnership and communicate openly with our customers to demystify ever-changing technology, governance, opportunuties and threats and to enable them to allow us to create a safe, secure and appropriate environment for the work they undertake.

We aim to become an integral part of the organisations that work with us - a Vital part of the team, if you like. We never recommend software or equipment that we would not use ourselves and we live or die by our own standard.

Key Personnel

David Jamieson

David set up Vital Service after completing his MBA at Northumbria University. His main interest is the growing connection between the use of information technology systems and their impact on business growth on the micro level and overall economic development on a larger scale. While running the company, David has maintained his links with the world of academic research and is now a Research Associate with Newcastle University Business School.

Stephen Murphy

Stephen joined the company in 2009. He worked part-time for three years while he studied for and achieved a First-class Honours Degree in Business IT at Northumbria University. He is a specialist in IT Security Literacy in business and attitudes towards information protection.



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